Wednesday, November 5, 2008

' what will it be like to have a smart president? '

"But today we celebrate this triumph of decency over personal attack, of peace over war, of intelligence over a belief that Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs just 6,000 years ago. What will it be like to have a smart president? Science, banished for eight years, will return. Imagine supporting our country's greatest minds as they seek to cure illness, discover new forms of energy, and work to save the planet. I know, pinch me."

- Michael Moore -


Nausicaa said...

:D Sigo feliz!

TEA CUP CLUB said...

Le ha tocado un Pais en calamidad, le costara levantarlo, le costara superar las mestas que se ha marcado, pero creo que este cambio era ya necesario. Un hombre inteligente y capaz, aca en estamos felices y le pedimos a Dios porque lo ayude a sacar el pais adelante y traer a nuestros soldados lo mas pronto posible a casa

Baakanit said...

Feels good to finally have a smart president.