Saturday, February 27, 2010

full circle

Strangers. All strangers.

The full moon tattooed in the sky. The closest friend and confidant. The man I once loved. That man who once loved me. The verses that burned the ink. The musings that robbed my sleep. The music that hypnotized time. The silences. The solitudes. The demons. The absences.

I roam the same streets. I hide in the same corners. I sigh the same sighs. I think the same monstrosities. I breathe the same blue. I plan the same nonsense.

Strangers. All strangers. My careful mind. My stupid heart. My sensitive skin. My brown eyes. My bitter tears. My confused colors. My confused darkness. My perpetual blue.

All strangers. All quiet.

I’ve come full circle. It’s time I left. Again.


1 comment:

marisa said...

hola amiga, hacía bastante que no blogueaba...

Sabes? pega poner la cancion people are strange de The doors :) un beso