Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dear You,

it's now past midnight and i should be going to bed
i should have gone to bed a long a time ago
i'm 30 and i'm way past my bedtime
i'm 30 and i'm way past many things

but i'm trapped in these words
can't leave them floating around in the air
i'm trapped in some old words
can't leave them around ignored
i'm trapped in my own words
the shy ones
the ones that only hint
the silent ones
forget it, i'm just trapped in the night
i don't expect you to understand

the cat has been fighting with some
invisible force for the last half hour or so
not sure who's winning
but i hope the hissing and growling
and bouncing and crying ends soon
damn cat
damn loud, obnoxious, insane
love of my life cat

and that book you gave me
still sitting on the night stand
didn't even open it today
the words didn't let me
they were screaming loud
i'll swim in it tomorrow

it's getting freaking hot here
and it's starting to burn
hills, houses,
nights, promises

speaking of...
i'm still waiting
don't keep me waiting too long
i might get bored
and write a story about you

te me cuidas, eh?
good night

1 comment:

G said...

Y de doble filo.
Me gusto.